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Amy Pennington

I am a cook, author, and urban farmer. I currently live in Seattle. I am all for LIVING GREEN! I am also a speaker, teacher, TV show host and a handful of other 'jobs' that revolve around food, farms and the environment. Here is how it all began...

I have always loved food. I grew up on the eastern stretches of Long Island with goats in my front yard and a vegetable patch in back. I got up early to milk and earned first dibs at the cream, which I drank by the cupfulls. We raised and butchered a pig, Maggie, and later fried up her bacon.

As an adult, I worked with some of the best restaurants in the city, and I was surrounded by food every day. It is here where my love of food and an education in biology intersected. I became most interested in where the food I eat comes from. I started shopping at the farmers markets more than once a week. All of my food came from a local food source. I started cooking only with whole foods. And eventually, I needed some room to grow. It wasn't enough that I could get all my food from within a stones throw. I wanted to grow my own.

Growing your own food is a natural extension of eating healthy and eating well. With the knowledge of food miles, the prevalence of chemicals in industrial agriculture and the notion that shipping food halfway around the world is kooky, I officially launched GoGo Green Garden in 2007 as a way to educate, inspire and enjoy the qualities of locally grown food. With GoGo, I aim to take the guess work out of backyard gardening so everyone can enjoy the fruits of their own labor. And I hope to instill a passion for food that extends well beyond the dirt of our own backyards and in to our kitchens.


Amy Pennington is a cook, author, and urban farmer. She is the author of Urban Pantry, Apartment Gardening, Apples from Harvest to Table, Fresh Pantry (with accompanying 12-month eBook series) and her latest, Salad Days which released in April 2017. Pennington has been named one of Seattle Magazine's Top 50 most powerful players in Seattle's food scene and as a Bon Appetit Tastemaker. She has been featured in Bon Appetit, Wall Street Journal, the Huffington Post, GOOP.com, and Apartment Therapy. She runs GoGo Green Garden, an urban farming service specializing in organic edible gardens for homes and businesses. Pennington lives in Seattle.






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