Apr 26

1:00 pm
my urban pantry
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Rhubarb Burst

Rhubarb .....Sure, they're great with strawberries and in pie, but let's dig a little deeper. Discover the hidden flavors of this spring vegetable in a 2-hour hands-on cooking class focused on this astringent vegetable. You will make sweet and savory rhubarb dishes that inspire you to see this ruby stalk in a different light. To sign up early, email

May 16

11:00 am
Henry Art Gallery

Growing a Summer Cocktail Garden

Renowned author Amy Pennington offers a two-part workshop on creating a summer cocktail garden featuring all of the ingredients needed to make a summer amaro, a classic Italian herbal liqueur. Amy Pennington is the author of Urban Pantry: Tips and Recipes for a Thrifty, Sustainable, and Seasonal Kitchen, and the host of the PBS show Check Please! Northwest.

Jul 19

2:00 pm
my urban pantry
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Preserving Cherries & Plums

Cherry season is here! Cherries are just coming in from Eastern, Wa and it's a great time to stock up for winter months when you're craving fruits of summer. Buying cherries in bulk and putting them up is the smartest way to save money & eat like a king all winter long by using the skills learned in this  informative class where we will preserve stone fruit. My classes are designed for both a beginner and advancing preservationist. We will break down recipes bit by bit (so all students can go home and experiment) and you will learn about the science behind food preservation while simultaneously introducing creative and thoughtful ways to move your canning products to the next level. You will leave well-informed! To sign up early, email

 Menu Brandied Bing Cherries, Sour Pie Cherries & Plum & Cherry Compote