About Amy

About Amy

I am a cook, author, and urban farmer. I currently live in Seattle. I am all for LIVING GREEN! I am also a speaker, teacher, TV show host and a handful of other 'jobs' that revolve around food, farms and the environment. Here is how it all began...



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Seattle Magazine

Using This Ingredient Makes a Delicious Difference in Your Cooking

Seattle Magazine, Aug 2015

Ma‘ono’s Mark Fuller dishes on his go-to ingredient :: To the uninitiated, the mention of fish sauce might well result in wrinkled noses.

Seattle Magazine

There's a New Spice Making Heat Waves in Restaurants

Seattle Magazine, Jun 2015

Chef Thierry Rautureau turns up the heat with Harissa

Seattle Magazine

How to use Hemp Seeds in Your Cooking

Seattle Magazine, Feb 2015

Chef Colin Patterson of vegan restaurant Sutra Seattle gets creative with hemp

Fresh From The Blog

HOW TO :: Grow Your Own Fig Tree | Propagating Figs

Posted September 19

This is a great fall project as we move into winter. Be sure to position the cutting in a sunny spot so it can put on growth before winter really sets in. It will go dormant over winter (keep the soil moisture consistently JUST damp) and pick up growth as we turn into the new year.figs_food52 copy

I think you’ll be surprised at how simple this is, but for anyone interested, here are the instructions if you want to DIY it:

  1. Find a fig tree! Maybe your neighbor has one or maybe you’re in a local park.
  2. Using pruning shears, cut a 4- to 10-inch long piece of soft wood new growth, just above a plant node.
  3. Fill a large pot with potting soil (a simple plastic pot that shrubs come in is perfect) and stick the fig cutting in, cut side down. Don’t worry about stripping the bark, spacing or anything. You just need to place the cutting in a well-drained medium with space to grow.
  4. Water, water, water! Moisture is key. Eventually, your cutting will grow smaller... Read more from the blog...


Oct 10

2:00 pm
KCLS Redmond Library
15990 NE 85th Street Redmond, 98052

Canning 101

Autumn is the PERFECT time to finish canning for winter months when fruit is scarce and expensive. Plan now, save money & eat like a king all winter long by using the skills learned in this short and informative class where we will preserve Pears Read More...

Oct 24

10:00 am
Molbacks Garden + Home
13625 NE 175th St. Woodinville, WA 98072


Learn how to make delicious and lovely handmade food gifts this year, dazzling your friends and saving some time as you'll always be prepared. Sampling from several different techniques - fermentation, infusions, aged cocktails - learn how to Read More...