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About Amy

I am a cook, author, and urban farmer. I currently live in Seattle. I am also a speaker, teacher, TV show host and a handful of other 'jobs' that revolve around food. Here is how it all began...



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Edible Seattle

Homemade Red Wine Vinegar

Edible Seattle, Mar 2013

With any class I teach, I fully anticipate being asked a question that stumps me. Siona was one of my brightest students and challenged me to stretch my brain into an area where logic and knowledge meet up and battle for answers. It was during one such class when Siona asked if we could make vinegar.

Edible Seattle

Homemade Yogurt

Edible Seattle, Jan 2013

When I was in elementary school, my mom packed my lunch every day. I wasn't one of those kids who glamorously got to wait in line for a hot lunch; I was the one with a grease-stained paper bag. On the very rare occasion, my mom would pack up a yogurt cup. I favored the kind with sweetened yogurt on top and jam-like fruit on the bottom.

Edible Seattle

Sunshine Substitute

Edible Seattle, Mar 2011

Amy Pennington reaches past the state borders to put a little citrus-based warmth in the pantry.

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How to Harvest & Eat Dandelions

Posted April 14

Poor dandelions, always getting a bad rap for wreaking havoc on lawns and in general being a ruthless weed. It’s true that dandelions are a deeply rooted “weed” that are a real nightmare to dig out, but it’s also true that they taste pretty good and are literally everywhere. One need not look very far to find a bed of dandelions fit for eating; they are easily identifiable. Dandelion greens turn bitter and woody quite quickly, so very early spring is the best time to harvest them. Try to clip the small leaves from the plant before the plant flowers.

How to Harvest & Eat Dandelions

Once the yellow flower has bloomed, taste the greens first to see if you find the flavor too off-putting. Harvest by picking off the small leaves and eating straight away. Be sure to wash dandelion greens well, and steer clear of picking them out of public lawns. Those areas are too heavily sprayed with chemicals to warrant
eating. Use dandelion greens in salads, or
cook them... Read more from the blog...


Apr 27

1:00 pm
my urban pantry
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Rhubarb Burst

Rhubarb .....Sure, they're great with strawberries and in pie, but let's dig a little deeper. Discover the hidden flavors of this spring vegetable in a 2-hour hands-on cooking class focused on this astringent vegetable. You will make sweet and Read More...

May 17

1:00 pm
Issaquah Home Depot
6200 E Lake Samammish Pky

Seattle Garden Party! with Home Depot

Come celebrate spring in Miami with The Home Depot Garden Club!

Ready to get your hands dirty? Join me at the Issaquah Home Depot for the #SpringMadeSimple Garden Party! There will be garden-themed activities and garden-to-table fare with Read More...