Are GMO's Organic?

The GMO debate is a big one. BIG.

And I'm not sure what all the answers are (yet), so on this BIG debate I'm going with my gut and urging my politicians, peers, colleagues, family - anyone who will listen - to have a voice in the BIG debate that will change the future of our food supply.  Monsanto owns a lot of this worlds seed.  Gates Foundation does work in Africa in support of GMOs, because they think it's going to solve the hunger crisis. I don't know if these things are ultimately good or bad, but I don't think that creating plants that are immune to bugs seems wise, nor do I think that feeding a world that is overpopulated is the answer to th global food shortage.  What I do know, however, is that I don't want people playing with the genetics of anything I take into my body as nourishment.  As food to fuel me. Period.

Let's consider a scientific fascination of mine, natural selection. I'm giving a good ol' hey-I-can-relate-to-this-example. We humans acclimate to various climatic conditions based on where we live.  People in Florida get more cold in the NY chill than NYers.  People in Arizona wear long sleeves when it's 78 degrees in Seattle and so on and so forth.  I've noticed my own 'natural selection' of sorts in the past three years that I've been gardening.  Used to be that I'd get hot in minutes, and I could often be found in a tank top and skirt in my gardens.  This year, I work in a long sleeve button down shirt with long pants.  Not because I'm cold, necessarily, but because I've acclimated.  My body has adjusted to my conditions.  I am learning how to survive successfully given my environment.

When you remove that natural environmental selection and instead manually and intentionally manipulate an organism to fit an environment, I believe there is a problem.  Nature will always take it's course. Molten rock finds it's way out of a volcano by cracking the earths crust. That is a natural circle and one we've come to accept. No one goes around trying to 'cap' mountains. Nature has it's way. When you start experimenting with genetics of anything, the word "natural" gets removed from the equation. It's no longer a natural selection.  It's just "selection".A selection of which I want no part, thankyouverymuch.


Tell the USDA that GMO contamination of ORGANICS is not acceptable!