Backyard Beekeeping

I am totally in love with the idea of beekeeping. As I don't have a yard, I was considering putting a few hives on my small urban patio, but my neighbor quickly halted that project! (Suggesting I keep rabbits or guinea pigs instead. You raise for meat?!) Either way, while I remain bee-less this city is buzzing with beekeepers and education for backyard honey production. beesI interviewed Corky Luster of Ballard Bee Company for the May/June issue of Edible Seattle and he is an absolute treasure trove of information. You can buy that issue on newstands now. Then, I wrote this sweet little article in Seattle's Child Magazine geared towards families and kids. Think beekeeping is unsafe? Afraid of getting stung? Read on to dispel some myths. My guess is you'll be stacking hives in your own backyard in no time. And let's not forget how very crucial bees are to pollination! If you're growing your own food, bees are the next best thing. Enjoy! (and let me know if I've convinced you to take the leap!)