Container Gardening

In urban environments, many gardeners (me, included!) have to rely on container gardening for edibles. Buildings that block the sun, trees that dapple the light and backyards that are shady or hard to landscape force some gardeners to rely on gardens-to-go. I had a consultation with a brilliant astrologer a few weeks back about her garden. She is gardening mostly in pots and containers, and using a small patch in her front yard. We met for two hours and she took no time at all to get her garden up and running. I'm always so proud when people just hop-to-it and get their hands dirty. One more happy gardener giving it a go! It was also really inspiring to work with someone who has dedicated their life to wellness. I so want her garden to bloom, and bloom BIG.

With that, she sent this thoughtful note and a picture. She also noted that her pots were likely overcrowded, and she is spot on about that. These pots are a great place to start, but for continued growth and health of some plants, she is planning on transplanting to larger pots a bit later in the season. I think she did a great job mixing and matching, too - it's gorgeous.

Thanks for sharing, Stephanie!

stephanie_gailings_gardenI wanted to send you a photo of the deck garden at the moment. I"ve been so excited by the whole prospect. I also planted out front and it looks great. Re: containers, I know that I put too  many plants in some containers but I worked with what I had at the moment and will adjust when things start growing and I get more pots/soil. I love gardening! Thanks so much for your inspiration.