Energy Now

gardenListen to a snippet from the Presidents first White House news conference here.  It is heartening to see that our government (finally?) means business for green energy, but important to remember that we all must do our part.  I believe in the power of one.  Do you? And what does this have to do with home gardens, you may be asking yourself?  Everything.  Every little part that one family, one home, one apartment-dweller can do for a greener earth counts.  75% of buildings will be mandated energy efficient, 2 million homes will be weatherized and by 2011, all cars must operate on 35 miles per gallon of fuel.  So, what can you do to add to the numbers?

- Sequester carbon in your soil with home gardens.

- Water your plants efficiently with rain barrels.

- Zero waste in your kitchens.  Remember those carrots you forgot about in your refrigerator?  Don't throw them out.  Saute them and freeze them in soup.  It took farmers (both near and far) fuel and energy to get them to us - it's the least we can do.