Roots - Farm Life as a Kid

Here is a rare look at the more personal side of life - my family & my roots.I love this pic of me and our goat, Bonnie's, first kid. Bonnie birthed two kids and I remember our neighbor, Shelly Santangelo, came and picked us up from school (in her emerald green VW Rabbit - man I LOVED that car) and raced us home so we could watch and help. Bonnie had birthing complications, I can't recall what, and we had to bottle feed the kids, but they made it and we eventually gave them away when they were only a few weeks old. As an adult I look back on this and think "Oh my goodnes, my crazy parents!" but they did a wonderful job introducing my sister, brother and me to life and all the wonder it holds. I highly recommend this sort of small-scale farm experience for any family with kids - get them involved, give them chores, make them carry heavy things......these opportunities are building blocks and cheesy as it sounds, build character. Bonus? The memories are an everlasting gift.