Seeds, Glorious, Seeds!

seed storage recipe boxThey've arrived! I came home a few weeks ago to a biiiiiiig box full of seeds. It was like Christmas redux, and I was in heaven. A few things I'm particulary excited for this year .....

- Jenny Lind Muskmelons - named for a favorite soprano singer from the late 1800's (seriously) this melon should grow to about a pound and is meant to have a very sweet and lime-green flesh.  YUM. Only problem is......melons are tough to grow in these parts (or so I hear).

- Lemon Balm - I can't help but crave bruised lemon balm in my chilled white wine in summer.  It is sooooo delicious. But not only that, lemon balm supports the nervous system by calming the heart, relieves PMS symptoms AND helps clear congestion.  All that in one little seed.

- Forellenschluss Lettuce - I have it on a hot tip that this is THE new lettuce for 2008.  I bet you'll see it's name plastered on chefs menus this summer. It's gorgeously speckled and super tasty.