Urban Farming, Here to Stay?

pea trellisWell, well, well....... when the New York Times writes about something, it sorta becomes instantly legitimate. On the cover of today's Sunday Styles section (and, yes, it's my favorite) is a whole big fat article on young-in's going green and moving to the country to farm. Once considered city slickers, these folks have traded in their Manolo's for tractors.  Okay, I know I'm exagerating, but I think this officially seals the deal that we're on to something good in Seattle. We might not all be heading out to the Puyallup Valley and buying up farms, but there is a keen interest in growing our own vegetables. With so many people interested in backyard edibles, I hope this remains a 'movement', as opposed to fading into merely a trend. Why not grow veggies in your backyard? Why pay $2.49 for a bunch of sage, when you can pay the same price for a seed-packet full?? You don't need to be fancy about it - grab your pitchfork, turn over that soil, and start plantin''!