Vanilla Quinoa Pudding

This recipe is quickly becoming a favorite from readers of Urban Pantry. I've received a bunch of feedback and accolade for putting this together. I can't take full credit, of course, because there really are no new ideas. I got the idea for using whole grains in desserts from The Splendid Grain by Rebecca Wood. That books has influenced my healthful cooking so much, and I love it. It gets front stage placement on top of my fridge, though I use it less and less as of late. It's a wonderful thing, to share a recipe. I found this cool blog Seasonal Menus this morning. The author is mysterious (ie I have NO idea who they are or why they're writing about food) but the blog is simple and concise. I love that they cut to the meat, so to speak, and just post recipes and notes. They added Orange Flower Water to the pudding - a very smart move that I often do myself. I love Orange Flower Water. Try it with, or feel free to omit it as I do in Urban Pantry. That's really the key for pantry-cooking. Use what you have around and improvise. Good stuff.