What to Grow in Your Urban Garden NOW, May

BeanHarvest1May is suuuuuuuch a busy month in the garden.  So busy, in fact, that I barely have time to write this and you likely have no time to read it.  So, a few bullet points for us urbanites on the gogo............ - Do not set tomato plants out until Memorial Day weekend at earliest (and do feel free to send me a bday gift this same weekend.  I like champagne & anything blue.)

- Continue to sow lettuces this month - just a few seeds at a time.  And by "a few", I mean four or five.  That's four or five heading lettuce seed (not loose leaf).  Wait three weeks and repeat.

- Potatoes go in this month! Fun! I only reco' potatoes if you have a lot of space and an entire bed (at least 3'x2') that you can dedicate them to. Otherwise, buy at the farmers market from Olsen Farms b/c potatoes are cheap AND they grow more varieties than you can ever hope for.

- May is the month for dry beans!  Get some RAFT beans and do something fun this year.  Dry them out for winter goodies - how's that for garden goodness all year?

- Sow a fun herb by seed.  Don't bother spending all your money on starts - plant Anise Hyssop, Marjoram & Lemon Balm