Kitchen Projects

My friend Gannon is always asking me to keep a video camera on my life because I always have a good story to tell. I've been thinking about keeping a book tour journal, instead.People make the coolest observations, sometimes, or ask awesome questions. In a departure from my typical posts where I hope to educate or inspire, here I'm just sharing a story. Last night, I gave a little chat to the Literary Group at the Rainer Club. They were seriously some of the most gracious people I’ve ever met. Incredibly polite, ladies crossing legs at their ankles kind of a crowd. They were incredibly enthusiastic and also very conversational. It was a great great night.

One of the woman in attendance (the one with the hot shoes!) asked me “How many projects do you currently have going?” I laughed out loud. No one has ever keyed in to the fact that my small apartment acts as a sort of laboratory. I constantly have things fermenting, drying, steeping and more. With that, here is a list of my current projects and experiments:

Vinegar steeped with Chamomile, Mint, Rose, Lemon Balm for FACIAL TONER

FENNEL BLOSSOM heads stuffed in a paper bag and drying for my spice cupboard.


HERBAL SUN TEA with tangerine sage, mint, anise hyssop, thyme & lovage in my fridge, finally. If you don’t get it in there fast, it ferments and tastes boozy

CHOCOLATE MINT steeping in milk for ice cream? Ganache? Haven’t decided.

LUCIA PLUMS that I picked from the tree I just noticed across my street. Think I’ll make jam tonight.